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Step Up Louisiana-Endorsed Mayoral Candidate Latoya Cantrell wins election!

Join us to hold politicians accountable to our 3-Point Platform: $15, Equal Pay, Ban the Box

Economic Justice

With a poverty rate of 19.9% Louisianans are struggling to survive in 2018. We have an economic justice 3-Point Platform of a $15 Minimum Wage, Equal Pay for Equal Work for Women and Ban the Box. We are also strong supporters of the Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival.

Education justice

We are proud members of the Louisiana Alliance to Reclaim our Schools. Join us to organize for Sustainable Community Schools and to hold our school systems accountable to the needs of parents, teachers and students.

Political Action

With Donald Trump as the President of the United States there is a new political reality for many people in our state. From immigrants and refugees, to underpaid workers, to public school advocates we need to work together politically to create the policies that best serve our communities.

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Our members Step Up and go beyond voting to campaign and organize in their own neighborhoods, schools and workplaces to dismantle systemic racism and build the people power needed to win in our city and state. Interested in joining as a member or sustainer? Contact us today! StepUpLouisiana@gmail.com