Faith Labor Prayer Breakfast
Step Up Louisiana organizes in workplaces and in neighborhoods to build the political power our families need to win good jobs and a fair economy for all.

New Orleans has an unacceptable child poverty rate of 44%. Too many working families rely on public assistance to make ends meet, while corporations operating in our state are making record profits. The majority of low-wage earners are people of color and women. At the same time, Louisiana is the incarceration capital of the country and is home to millions of qualified job seekers that are regularly denied a fair shot on job applications because of their arrest history.

Step Up Louisiana addresses these systemic problems by organizing affected communities and building strategic alliances to change policy at all levels of government.

In 2017, we will ask all candidates for office to sign on to our 3-Point Economic Justice Platform and will continue to build a strong coalition to achieve our New Orleans and statewide goals in the years to come:

1) $15 Minimum Wage
  • Lobby with statewide groups to win Local Control of Minimum Wage in 2018.
  • Raise the minimum pay for all city government employees to $15 per hour.
  • Improve the Living Wage Ordinance for companies that get large city tax breaks and publicly-contracted workers from $10.55 per hour to $15 per hour.
2) Fair Chance - Ban the Box
  • Stop all workplace discrimination based on people’s arrest record no matter where they work by passing a resolution to Ban the Box for private employers.
3) Equal Pay for Women
  • Ensure that men and women earn equal pay for equal work through transparency by requiring workplaces to make information available about their overall pay ranges by gender.
  • Protecting employees who inquire about, discuss or disclose their wages or those of other employees from employer retaliation.
  • Guarantee paid family and sick leave for all employees of the city and of city contractors, and ensure companies that receive taxpayer dollars provide their employees these policies as well.
Leadership Development

We provide our members with leadership opportunities and comprehensive skills training in civics and media and policy advocacy.

Faith Labor Alliance

We convene regular meetings of faith and labor leaders committed to better jobs and workers’ rights.

Worker Organizing

We bring together workers on the shop floor and from multiple employers to stop exploitation and discrimination at work.

Education Justice

We organize parents to fight for their children’s future— through both economic and educational opportunity. Learn more...