Organizing Uber

Our Approach

Multiracial, Multigenerational Organizing

Our multiracial and multigenerational membership engages in campaigns that directly affect our lives. Organizing for economic and education justice in the South is fundamentally a fight against structural racism. This power analysis is essential to our work. We do the long term base-building work we need to win and are flexible to respond in times of crisis.

Neighborhood Organizing Committees are the vehicle for how we decide campaigns and strategies.

Training and Leadership Development, including new member political orientations and ongoing skills training, strengthen and grow our membership.

Clear Political Vision and Electoral Strategy, including an issues platform and a ballot initiative, will have an immediate impact on local New Orleans elections.

Meet the Team

We come from faith and labor organizing backgrounds and are excited to grow a membership based community organization in Louisiana.

Co-Director Maria Harmon

Maria Harmon


Maria is from Lake Charles, LA and is a fierce education advocate and social justice organizer. Her experiences working with parents, congregations and on political campaigns drive the work of Step Up Louisiana. Maria has her MPA from Southern University in Baton Rouge.

Co-Director Ben Zucker

Ben Zucker


Ben is a labor and community organizer who got his start supporting Sodexo workers at Tulane University in 2010. For the last five years he has worked on the Fight for 15, most recently as an organizer in New Orleans. He is looking forward to broadening the organizing work led by diverse communities and groups throughout the state of Louisiana.

Board Member Willie Calhoun

Rev Willie Calhoun

Founding Board Member

Reverend Calhoun was born and raised in New Orleans and has been a preacher, political organizer and advocate in the city and state for decades.

National Partners

Nationally we work with the Journey for Justice Alliance and the Center for Popular Democracy who connect us to other groups aligned with our fight for education and economic justice.